Everything about Odyssée

ODYSSEE – “ODYSSEY”  in English, is :

  • A unique journey, on the lands of Northern France, beginning with the exhibition dedicated to Homer at the Louvre-Lens on March 27th.

This former mining region is a surprising mix of black and green, that you can find also in the natural surroundings with the “Chain of Parks ”.

  • It is all about a program, which illustrates the tangible and upcoming changes of this area. Composed of festive and sportive events, exhibitions, teaching editions and actions, it is also about culture, popular traditions, heritage, landscapes, urbanism and economy.

  • It is a wonderful collective impetus. Inhabitants, as leaders of “ Folles idees ” built the program. Other partners joined the project to organize events. Companies and shopkeepers also contribute to build, Odyssee’s success.

From May 10th, take part in this human adventure, on the lands that welcomed the Louvre-Lens in 2009. Be amazed, re discover a transformed territory, join the journey, live Odyssee !